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Hi my name is Jamie James. Welcome to my first official website : www.squirt4real.com. I am 21 years old and I live in Montreal, in the Quebec province in Canada so of course I am French Canadian. I'm a passionate when comes to female ejaculation or if you prefer, squirting! My understanding of the technics to make almost any woman squirt makes me a good friend to have around :) I will try to demistify female ejaculation, teach thecnics and prove each and everyone of you sceptics that you could help your girlfriend, wife and neighbor... More on my site

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Female Ejaculation
Female ejaculation: reality or myth! The subject is still widely debated. While all women have a G-spot, it has been estimated only 10 to 40 % of the women are capable of female ejaculation. The expulsion of this clear or milky fluid, either occasionally or systematically, should eliminate all doubt even to the most septic of its true existence.
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